Mill City Whiskey Review – Re-cap

*Sincere thanks to The Mill City Whiskey Review and Half Full Productions for the media pass. I recently attended the first installment of The Mill City Whiskey Review, which was the second big whiskey-focused expo held in Minneapolis this year. Two in one year after years of no big whiskey shows at all? A veritable … Continue reading Mill City Whiskey Review – Re-cap


Top Whisky-type Stuff List for 2013

For those that don't like lists, tough shit, I like lists and I like year-end lists. For those that do like lists...I apologize for this one, it's a pretty sparse, pretty unimpressive list, and probably will rank pretty high on anyone's list of the most boring year-end lists of 2013. I enjoyed quite a bit … Continue reading Top Whisky-type Stuff List for 2013