WhiskyFest SF 2010 Wrap-up

Before we get into this any further, let me just lay out my WhiskyFest plan for next year: 1.  Actually spend a few minutes making a serious game plan as to what to taste instead of talking about making a game plan and then running around like an idiot. 2.  Eat more. 3.  As nice … Continue reading WhiskyFest SF 2010 Wrap-up

Springbank 10 Year Old – Review

For the relatively uninitiated (like me), Campbeltown malts in general and Springbank in specific (which makes up most of the Campbeltown whiskies anyway, so...) hold a certain romantic appeal. They're like the bison (bison bison) of the whisky world, at one time so prevalent, traipsing their woolly bottles across the great plains of the Kintyre … Continue reading Springbank 10 Year Old – Review