WhiskyFest SF 2010 Wrap-up

Before we get into this any further, let me just lay out my WhiskyFest plan for next year: 1.  Actually spend a few minutes making a serious game plan as to what to taste instead of talking about making a game plan and then running around like an idiot. 2.  Eat more. 3.  As nice … Continue reading WhiskyFest SF 2010 Wrap-up

Cooley, Malt Advocate’s Distillery of the Year

I was excited to see Malt Advocate's John Hansell announce Cooley as their Distillery of the Year.  Though I've not tasted nearly enough, I've always loved Irish Whiskey (Red Breast 12 yr. Old being a huge favorite) and recently thought it was too bad that Ireland's few distilleries were not making the same kind of … Continue reading Cooley, Malt Advocate’s Distillery of the Year