Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams 2011 – Review

*Sincere thanks to MB from Glenfiddich and William Grant & Sons for the sample! Those that know me well know that I'm a scathing, occasionally ranting cynic with a big ol' softy heart...either that or a big ol' easily weepy softy with a small, cold lump of coal for a heart...sometimes both, which sounds just … Continue reading Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams 2011 – Review


Top Whisky-type stuff List of 2012…

Well, 2012 is pretty much in the books. According to some idiots the world was supposed to end on December 21st...if it did, no one told me about it, so here I am, trying to put together another year-end list at the last minute. It's been another fairly crazy year for me, and while whisky … Continue reading Top Whisky-type stuff List of 2012…

Glenfiddich’s Cask Of Dreams

Before I start, let me just say that walking through the heart of the Tenderloin, San Francisco's version of skid row (no, not the Sebastian Bach kind...well, sort of), on route to Glenfiddich's tasting on the 15th floor of a fairly lux hotel definitely added a bit of perspective, not to mention a fragrant surreal … Continue reading Glenfiddich’s Cask Of Dreams