Whiskey on Ice 2017 Wrap-up

*A sincere thank you to MG and Whiskey On Ice for providing me with the media pass. As Minnesota's only really big whiskey show, Whiskey on Ice has, over the last three years, established itself as being an informative, festive, bankable good time. Since the first edition in 2015, the well-run event has grown consistently, … Continue reading Whiskey on Ice 2017 Wrap-up


2010 SMWS Extravaganza San Francisco – Recap

Thank you very much to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America for the opportunity to attend the Extravaganza as press. The etymology of the word extravaganza reads (at least from several online sources) thusly: "from 1754, with reference to peculiar behavior; from 1794, of a fantastic type of performance or writing, from It. extravaganza, … Continue reading 2010 SMWS Extravaganza San Francisco – Recap

Big Peat Small Batch “Blended” Islay Malt

I like to think that I'm a steely rock, inscrutable and impenetrable to the grasping wiles of advertisers and their kerned and pantone-d ministrations, but really, I'm just as much of a sucker for good packaging and marketing as the next guy. Ardbeg, for example, does a masterful job mixing the tradition and mythos of … Continue reading Big Peat Small Batch “Blended” Islay Malt