Stranahan’s Cask Thief 2016…a travelogue of sorts.

A very sincere thank you to Rob Dietrich and Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey, and Vicki Loo and Exposure PR for the opportunity to visit Denver and the Stranahan's 2016 Cask Thief event. At the very end of July, I was lucky enough to be invited, along with several other spirit-y journalist types, to Denver, CO for a … Continue reading Stranahan’s Cask Thief 2016…a travelogue of sorts.

Whisky Roundtable #24

It's fallen to me to host this month's Roundtable, the subject being distillery tours. We're trying out a new format at the moment, the member's will post their own responses in the comments section below, thereby making it a little easier to interact with individual comments as well as with the whole group. Here's the … Continue reading Whisky Roundtable #24