2012 James Beard Finalists

Holy crap, has it been a year already? The finalists for this year's James Beard Awards have been announced so once again I thought I'd take time out from my busy evening of puree-ing chicken stew for the little guy and replacing the brake pads on my commuter and toss a few kudos around. High … Continue reading 2012 James Beard Finalists


2011 James Beard Finalists

It's that time of year again, no...not President's Day time of year, when we celebrate a group of old white guys, most of whom screwed things up, with big sales on linens and department store clothing made in other countries. No, it's the awards time of year. Some of these awards are vapid and downright … Continue reading 2011 James Beard Finalists

Bay Area Whisky Events, November 2010

  Feeling unfulfilled after WhiskyFest? Not a one of the 270 whiskies hit the spot, eh? Was the $150 VIP ticket chump change and are you looking to unload more cash so as not to be burdened by the evil temptations of the all (not so) mighty  dollar? Here are a couple of suggestions: -------------------------------------------------------- … Continue reading Bay Area Whisky Events, November 2010