Minnesota 13: From Grain to Glass – Film Review

In 2007, author Elaine Davis published the book Minnesota 13, which is a great look back at Stearns County, Minnesota and its prohibition-era illicit distilling which produced some of the most well-respected American-made booze of the time. The book is well worth the read for anyone with an interest in that time period. Fast forward to … Continue reading Minnesota 13: From Grain to Glass – Film Review

History Lesson #1 – The Phylloxera Epidemic

*The first in what will, hopefully, be a series of  mildly in-depth looks at some of the pivotal events in Whisky's illustrious history... When I first heard of the Phylloxera epidemic that decimated the European wine industry in the late 1800's, I wasn't aware of its impact on the world of whisky, but I was … Continue reading History Lesson #1 – The Phylloxera Epidemic